Friday, August 30, 2013

A Hay Bale, A Hat, and A Homemade Dress

Hello there! I am afraid that I have been very neglectful of this poor little blog of mine! School started back up, I moved house, and I have been using all my free time for rehearsal for my next show and SEWING like a maniac! Everything I've been sewing lately is for when the weather cools down a bit (I suddenly can't wait for autumn!) but I'm sure you will be seeing it soon. =]

I made this dress at the end of this summer from a 1950s pattern that I bought a couple of years ago on Etsy. It was just waiting for the right fabric, and lo and behold, who provided that fabric but Walmart?! Who ever would have guessed it! At $3 a yard, I couldn't pass up this cute, floral, fiber-content-unknown stuff! This dress pattern presented my first adventure with putting bias tape on the outside around the neckline and sleeves (is there a technical term for that?) and I was pleased with how it turned out!
My current projects are challenging me with making/attaching piping as well as making buttonholes (I haven't done any of those since I was in the 6th grade, and those brain cells have long since died!) Will Charlotte succeed, or will repeated failed attempts at figuring out how her sewing machine goes about creating buttonholes drive her mad?!

Have a lovely Labor day weekend!