Thursday, December 19, 2013

A furry hat and a jacket that's a native Louisvillian

      A Louisville shopping outing with my sister obviously required some dressing up! I got the chance to wear my new lovely 1940s New Look suit jacket (the skirt was MIA) from The Nitty Gritty! 
      Something EXCITING and INTERESTING about this is that the jacket is from right here in Louisville, from a high-end ladies' clothing store called Byck Bros. & Co. It was started in 1902 by the brothers Byck as a shoe store in downtown Louisville. In its heyday, it hosted designer trunk shows and all manner of fancy patrons! It was also one of the first stores in the area to have integrated dressing rooms.
      In the 70s and 80s, Byck's could be found in shopping malls in the areas, but the last of those closed in 1991. You can read more about it, and other Louisville department stores of yore right here!
      I think it is so neat to be wearing a piece of Louisville history! I imagine that some fancy gal was bopping around 1940s downtown Louisville, doing her shopping, and just casually popped into her local "high-end ladies' clothing store" and found this jacket. And now I have it! From one Bluegrass Belle to another. =]

Jacket: The Nitty Gritty
Skirt: Made by me
Shoes: TJ Maxx (Madden Girl brand)
Hat: bequeathed to me by my mother
Purse: Feather Your Nest
Speckled pantyhose: Veritas

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sweater Vest Gift Wrapping Tutorial!

         Usually, I am a pretty boring gift wrapper (I just use cute paper and call it a day) but I have been doing lots and lots and lots (and lots) of crafting lately, and the crafting brain juices spilled over into my gift-wrapping this morning! I was trying to figure out what to wrap my brother Wesley's present in (I only have flowery paper, which would not be his cup of tea) when I remembered the wrapping paper that had come in my ModCloth order.
        "That would be perfect, because it looks like a sweater and he loves sweater vests!" I thought. Then, I had a BRILLIANT EPIPHANY: "What if I made the wrapping paper LOOK LIKE AN ACTUAL SWEATER VEST!?"
And so I did! And here's how I did it!

(If you're reading this, Wesley,.... SURPRISE! MERRY CHRISTMAS)

1. Cut enough white paper to wrap your gift normally, but with extra paper at the top. (I had about 4 inches of extra paper.) Wrap your gift as you normally would, leaving the long end of the paper free.
2. Fold the long end over twice, creasing each fold.
3. This is what Step #2 should result in.
4. Cut into the paper, up against the folded-down section, about 2-3 inches, or enough to leave a reasonable amount of paper in the center to connect the flaps you're making to the rest of the paper. Repeat on the other side.
5. Pull the flaps you've created around the the front to make a collar shape.
6. Fold the extra paper in the front towards the back. Don't worry about how it looks, the vest will cover it up!

1. Wrap your present normally in your sweater vest paper, once again leaving extra paper at the top for folding over.
2. Cut a slit down the center front of the vest paper as far as you'd like its neckline to go. (You can experiment with depths... I ended up making mine deeper after I took these photos.)
3. Fold the paper in at an angle, forming the neckline. Make sure the angle isn't too steep, you're going to need to cover up those shoulders!
4. Trim down the paper that's sticking up in the back, but leave the front paper long. You fold that over what you just trimmed and tape it down.
5. Adjust the collar to how you like it and paste the corners down over the sweater vest.

1. Cut out felt shapes like the ones in the photo to the size you want your bow tie to be. My oval-ish thing was about 3.25"x1.25", and my skinny rectangle was about 2.5"x0.75"
2. Pinch the center of your rounded rectangle to give it a bow shape.
3. Wrap the long skinny piece of felt around the part you pinched.
4. Paste in place, making sure the overlap is at the back!

Paste your bow tie onto your collared shirt. I added little buttons as well, I thought it looked a little bare without them!

TA DAAAAAA! My very first tutorial! Please let me know if you have any suggestions of ways to improve my tutorial skills! And if you use this tutorial, I'd LOVE to see a picture of your finished product!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Beware the Frozen Heart

 I am more than a little obsessed with Disney's newest animated release, Frozen.

The animation is absolutely STUNNING, and the music is GORGEOUS and CATCHY, and the story is HEART-WARMING and SAD and FUNNY and ohmygosh I JUST LOVEITSOMUCH!!!!
I've seen it twice so far (after my first viewing on Thanksgiving, I braved Black Friday to buy the soundtrack because I hadtohaveit) and now I have plans to go two more times this week. I don't know WHAT I'm going to do in the terrible time between when it leaves theatres and when it comes out on DVD...
It miiiiiiight just be my new favorite Disney movie, but I'll have to watch it 200 more times to be sure. Apparently it has been compared it to Beauty and the Beast, and I can see why--it has a similar emotional weight and beauteous animation.
One of my favorite artists, Brittney Lee, was a visual development artist on the film, and she also illustrated a book based on the movie, called A Sister More Like Me (which I obviously own... I am currently a maniac.) She makes the most beautiful paper art, which you can see on her blog, and her animation style is just so PRETTY!

I've been stalking Frozen blogs and stuff looking for concept art and fun facts and whatnot, like any normal person does after they see a movie they like (right?) and I've found lots of beautiful pictures, both concept art and fanart. 

these three were on tumblr under the Frozen tag

Also, most importantly, this:

Have you seen Frozen? What did you think of it?