Saturday, February 8, 2014

Liebster Award!

I was lucky enough to be nominated for the Liebster Award by two kind (and lovely! go look at their blogs!) souls: Abigail of Sweeter Gets the Journey and Paula of Mademoiselle Rock'n'Roll!

This is how this works:
When you're nominated, you answer 11 questions posed to you by your nominator. You also volunteer 11 facts about yourself, then you nominate 11 more people and write 11 questions for them to answer! 

I sort of mixed up Abigail and Paula's questions so I'd just have 11 to answer, some were similar so I consolidated them! Here we gooooo!

1.  Do you or have you ever played any musical instrument.  If so what is it?  If not, what would you like to play?
 I took piano lessons for 8 years, but I was not very good about practicing, which I now regret. I taught myself to play the ukulele in high school. This resulted in one of my Top 3 Proudest Life Achievements, which I am going to shamelessly display to you now:

2.  What makes you laugh out loud?
Silly humor. Arrested Development. My little sister Gwendolyn is one of the most hilarious people I know, she makes me laugh all the time. Never open a Snapchat from her in class or people will think you're a crazy person. 

3.  Are you a morning or night person?
I'm a night person, but I wish I were a morning person. I love the morning time, I just rarely experience it due to my predilection for staying up late. 

4. What do you like to do in your free time?
I love to craft! And to cook, and to sew, and plan adventures. I also love to sing, but that's more of an all-the-time activity than a free-time activity.

5. How long you been with your blog?
A little over a year now, I believe! I had a blog when I was in high school, but I sort of lost interest. I created this one while I was studying abroad in Belgium. I figured I should take advantage of the beautiful backgrounds I would find in Europe!

6. Do you have any fear?
I have an irrational fear of dead animals touching me. I grew up on a farm, and the dogs would kill varmints and proudly bring them up into the yard and follow you around with the dead thing in their mouth, and I was always afraid that they would throw the dead creatures on me. 
...That was gross, sorry for giving you those images. 

7. Your favourite book?
This is a toughie. I realllllly love the novelization of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie and The Fantasticks by Tom Jones (the writer not the singer... we'll get to him later though. The Fantasticks is technically a script... but holy cow it is so beautiful!) The books I've read the most are probably the Harry Potter series... I adore Harry Potter. 

8. What is one of your pet peeves?
When people don't put their shopping carts in the corrals provided for that purpose. Also when people go out in public in pajama pants. I just don't understand why you would do that. 

9.  If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go?
This is quite a long list, but right now I really would like to visit New Orleans.

10. What is your guilty pleasure?
S'MORES. Also the television show Hart of Dixie

11. If you could have one dream come true, what would it be?
I have several dream roles that I'd love.... But I think maybe #1 would be to play Christine in The Phantom of the Opera. Such a predictable choice, I know. 

11 Facts About Me: 
1. I am sort of a s'mores connoisseur. In fact, last night I created this gorgeous thing: 
Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Bourbon Bacon S'more. 

2. I am a musical theatre fanatic. 
3. I'm a little obsessed with Gone With the Wind.
4. I used to play soccer, and I loved it. I get pretty competitive, so it's probably best that my sports days are behind me.
5. I love planning/decorating/cooking/dressing up for parties. As my friend Jack says, "Themed parties are man's highest form of self-expression." He is a wise man.
6. My life motto is "Girl gotta twirl", given to me by an attractive British man I met in Krakow, Poland. He repeatedly said it as he twirled me around on a street. I find that it applies perfectly to lots of things in my life. Like "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," it is something to say when you don't know what to say. 
7. Speaking of Mary Poppins, I have been attempting to get a Mary Poppins costume together for the past 3 Halloweens. So far, no dice, but one of these days I will sit down and sew that thing together.
8. I have a deep, eternal love for Sir Tom Jones. No one ever has sung or ever will sing like that perfect man. 
9. I hope to work at Disney World as a face performer at some point! It's been a goal for a while. 
10. When I am an old lady, I plan to develop a Deep Southern accent. 
11. I would much much MUCH rather be hot than cold.

I hereby present Liebster Awards to:
My Questions/Demands:
1. Do you have any funny or adorable stories about you as a small child? Tell us one!
2. What is your favorite physical feature of yourself?
3. What is your favorite personality feature of yourself?
4. What are your feelings on jewelry? (Do you wear any/lots? What's your favorite kind?)
5. How do you feel about Valentine's Day?
6. Name one (or more!) feature(s) of your dream home.
7. Where is your favorite place you have travelled?
8. If you could only put one condiment on things for the rest of your days, what would it be?
9. What is your favorite musical (if you have one! If not, go educate yourself. Haha.)
10. Do you have any interesting hobbies? Tell us about them!
11. Is there a song you can't get out of your head currently? What is it?


  1. Great answers! I thoughorly enjoyed reading them. I love the Gotta twirl girl story, how I would love to travel abroad and experience magical things like that *le sigh*
    P.S. I hate pajamas in public too... Seriously?

  2. Oooh, so wonderful! I loved reading about you. Thank you for nominating me my dear! I can't wait to partake!

  3. Oh, interesting smore combo!


  4. That fear makes perfect sense - in fact, my dear 83 year old maternal grandma has the exact same one, which comes from years of helping her brother and brothers in law bring in animals they'd caught in their traps when she was a youngster growing up in the Yukon during the 30s, 40s and early 50s.

    Lovely post and fantastic way to get to know you better, my dear.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your splendidly nice blog comment on today's vintage outfit post. ♥

  5. ohhh...that bacon s'mores look absolutely divine!! We'd love to travel some more too!! We caught the travelling bug after our first big trip out of Australia, to Japan, and now we really want to see more of the world!!

  6. Congrats girl! :)